Villa Lycia Sun

Villa Lycia Sun's location, in a walking distance to most of the principle markets, harbour, and beaches, provides a great advantage for the guests.

Villa overlooks Kalkan Bay.

After the main gate of the house, the apart rooms have an independent access through the garden, reaching pool terrace.

The pool, 6 by 10 m, is dedicated to three rooms only.

A large terrace serves as pool platform when using the pool, as well as for breakfast and dining. Terrace is furnished with pool pillows, sun bath loungers, tables and chairs, a common barbeque, and umbrellas.

A beautiful garden surrounds Villa. Pool terrace garden, giving a relaxing atmosphere, is maintained daily.

Your water is always kept flowing with a water storage of 100 m3.

Hot water is obtained through a combined heating system through solar panels entegrated with LPG burning heater. Therefore, your pressurized hot water is ready day and night.

Villa is built considering top quality heat insulation with double layer light bricks between rock wool insulation, a layer of high density polystrene, and stone cladding. Thus, our villa is in protection of our environment.

Your another advantage is that the owners live in the villa, therefore anything you need they are a step around. The owners commit themselves to make you satisfied with your stay.

Enjoy your holiday.....