Welcome pack upon demand (25 £): Three sorts of cheese (each 100 grs), black and green olive (50 grs each), honey (40 grs), butter (20 grs), sliced bread, tomato (1 kg), salami (100 grs), sausage (200 grs), three sorts of seasonal fruits (0,5 Kg each), orange and cherry juice (1 lt each), cola (1 lt), plain water (1 lt), soda water (4 bottles), tea and coffee, sugar.


Airport transfer upon demand-one way: (70 £/per couple)

A driver will pick you up at the airport, welcoming you at the exit and holding a label of "Lycia Sun". The car will take you directly to your apart rooms. The car will be big enough for a couple and max two kids. If you are more crowded, please contact us for bigger passanger car or a minibus.


Safe: (8 £/week)

Microwave oven

Microwave:(15 £/week)

Deep fryer

Deep fryer: (15 £/week)