Ancient Lycia, the Land of Light

Kalkan is located in the region where once Lycian civilization prevailed circa 2000 BC to Byzantine ages circa 800 AD. Hittites called them nation of Lukka, whose language was called Luvian. Iliad notes Lycians with its king of Sarpedon. Hittite king Tudhalia IV carved in stones eternally in 1250 BC that he came to Patara and erected steles, which is a clear proof of existence of Lycians at this age.
Lycians are known to be the first in history to establish a federated state. In total 23 city kingdoms were in Lycian League out of which Tlos, Xanthos, Pinara, Patara, Myra, and Olympos had power over the others with three votes in the assembly.
Xanthos, Patara, Letoon, Pinara, Tlos are in near vicinity of Kalkan from 10 Km to 50 Km. Thus, you will obtain a good chance to visit these ancient places during your stay in Kalkan.

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