About Kalkan

Teke Peninsula where Kalkan is located has been home for many cultures in the past. Elmali excavations had proven that the area was settled in 3rd millennium BC. Hittites who called the people living in Peninsula as Lukka, and their language Luvian, a language that is close to Hati (Hittite's) language, had organized numerous campaigns against the region in order to stop the risks arisen by the people living there. It is certain that Lukka was an Anatolian people. Teke Peninsula and Lycians, although they were very keen on their freedom, time to time passed under rule of other cultures. These were Persians, Hellenistic Greeks, Romans, Macedonians, and East Roma (Byzantines). With Seljuks, the region met with Islam religion. During Ottoman Empire, people from different cultures lived together in peace. Prior to 1st War, with eagerness of capturing the best pieces from weak Ottoman Empire, all nations were in a harsh competition that led to a painful world war. It was end of the peaceful times. And finally Turkey Republic has been established, where again people from different cultures and religions live together, in this lovely country.

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